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Special Edition Bottles of “Breaking Bad” Heisenberg by Blue Ice

Based in Los Angeles, California, 21st Century Spirits has teamed up with Sony Pictures Television to launch a limited edition line of Breaking Bad-themed Blue Ice Vodka, called ‘Heisenberg’.

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Season_2_promo_pic_4 Special Edition Bottles of “Breaking Bad” Heisenberg by Blue Ice

Handcrafted in Idaho and the recipient of the top award at the 2014 San Francisco Spirits Competition, the novelty vodka bottles bear the sinister silhouette of the show’s protagonist, Walter White, with three of his most iconic, chilling quotes scrawled across each bottle.


Watch the video introducing the limited edition vodka:

As much as Breaking Bad was about the characters, Walter White’s best-selling street pharmaceutical product also played a starring role. Here Heisenberg’s “Blue Ice” formula has been translated to a limited run of novelty vodka bottles. The vodka itself bears a particularly special formula, with Blue Ice’s non-GMO, craft American vodka having taken home a gold medal at last year’s San Francisco Spirits competition. The limited-edition bottles themselves come adorned with iconic quotes from White’s exploits, including the very powerful “Tread Lightly” scene.

Special Edition Bottles of “Breaking Bad” Heisenberg by Blue Ice Special Edition Bottles of “Breaking Bad” Heisenberg by Blue Ice Special Edition Bottles of “Breaking Bad” Heisenberg by Blue Ice


21st Century Spirits started its first offering with the creation of Blue Ice Vodka, America’s finest potato vodka from –Idaho– home to the luscious Russet Burbank Potato. Idaho is the true birthplace of Blue Ice Vodka; it is where the people behind the brand come from and live, where the natural ingredients are sourced and where the product is made.

Since then, 21st Century Spirits mission has been to create a family of spirits that are carefully selected to represent the best offering available in its category. Bolstering a consistent stream of innovative products such as Blue Ice Organic Wheat vodka, 21st Century Spirits is sure to continue as one of America’s premier spirits providers for centuries to come.

[ via Design Taxi ]

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