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Interiores: Inside “American Hustle” set american hustle poster1

Interiores: Inside “American Hustle” set

The nominees fot the Oscares are already choosen.

“American Hustle” is one of the favourites and here we revele you the inspirations of Judy Becker, set decorator. She says “Everybody thinks of the ‘70s in New York as very dirty and graffiti-ridden, but I knew that our movie wasn’t that ‘70s.”

So the inspirations for this movie was “The King of Comedy” by Martin Scorsese.

The opening scene in the Plaza is a very important one. Becker took five trials to get the custom-made flocked, she says that” It’s very true to the period and very true to what the Plaza actually looked like, but we wanted it to seem not quite as rich and elegant in the opening scene.”
"Plaza in American Hustle"  Interiores: Inside “American Hustle” set 1486017 10152046149332789 693318025 o

The taste of the characters was also important, Rosaly played by Jennifer Lawrence taste was “slightly more over-the-top taste” so the gold and black are more used.
"Rosalyn in American Hustle bedroom"  Interiores: Inside “American Hustle” set 7 "Jennifer Lawrence as Rosalyn in American Hustle"  Interiores: Inside “American Hustle” set Fashion American Hustle 4900373 ver1

As well as the Sydney, Amy Adam’s characters was “more timeless, elegant, and in-line with contemporary”. The actress was so in love with the set that she ednede up taking a lot of things to her own home, showing how much it was approved .

"Amy Adamas as Sydney in American Hustle"  Interiores: Inside “American Hustle” set DORP 04698FD r

"Sydney apartment in American Hustle"  Interiores: Inside “American Hustle” set American Hustle Sydney Apartment 1

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