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A Sleek Desk Lamp by San Francisco-based Fade Studio

San Francisco-based design company Fade Studio has introduced their very first product: The Fade Task Light.

The Fade Task Light    The Fade Task Light

Fade Studio creates designs that harness the exceptional qualities of light to better connect you to the ideas, experiences and environments you love. Fade Studio is a new lighting specific company headed by former fuseproject designers Bret Recor and Seth Murray, who broke off of fuseproject a couple years back to form Box Clever, designers of the Kube speaker and Runcible, a compass-shaped smartphone.

The Fade Task Light The Fade Task Light The Fade Task Light

The light is fluid and adaptable with a unique 120-degree articulated arm and swivel control base that lets you find the perfect light, anytime.

According to Recor, the idea for a desk lamp came to them when they changed studios, and lost the magnificent, hue-streaked sunrise and sunset vistas of their old industrial estate location.

The Fade Task Light

Where as most desk lamps are made up of numerous moving parts, the Fade Task Light is made up of a single piece of steel, which can bend over 120 degrees. Magnets inside the steel skeleton help the Fade hold its shape. On the base of the lamp is a floating dial which can be used to adjust the Fade’s five LEDs between multiple light levels (from 30 to 280 lumens) and a temperature range of 2700 to 5600 K in color. Meanwhile, a USB port in the base allows you to also use the Fade as a smartphone or device charger.

Source: Fast Company; Design Taxi.

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