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Top 5 Restaurants in San Francisco

San Francisco loves to eat. Discover the best restaurants in Bay Area and check out what’s new. Maybe it’s a legacy of the Gold Rush, when “free lunch” was offered at the brothels that dotted just about every street corner of San Francisco. It is extremely difficult to choose only 5 restaurants as the top ones; SF restaurant scene has a great deal of excellent restaurants.   Although vising the City for a short time you cannot visit them all. It is why I created my personal short list of favorites. Hopefully it will help you to choose perfect place and experience great food while eating out.


Top 5 Restaurants in San Francisco

Chefs who want to remain fresh need look no further for inspiration than Nancy Oakes, a pioneer in upscale American food. After more than 21 years at this splashy Belle Epoque-fantasy restaurant, Oakes and Dana Younkin continue to craft exciting combinations. Take the signature wood-oven roasted pork chop!


Top 5 Restaurants in San Francisco1

When diners look at the translucent red-orange slices of ocean trout stained from being cured in beets and plated with crispy gobo, sprigs of frisee, yuzu aioli and sansho pepper oil, they know they are in for something special. Shotaro Kamio earned top reviews at Ozumo and Yoshi’s, but in his own kitchen, he’s found his culinary voice. He makes sea urchin risotto with cauliflower puree and crispy mushrooms; and he enhances hamachi crudo with cucumber salsa verde, avocado emulsion and a snow of grated wasabi.

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Liholiho Yacht Club

Top 5 Restaurants in San Francisco2

Ravi Kapur, who grew up in Hawaii and was at the top of the career ladder as the chef at Prospect, found his true voice by opening a restaurant that honored his heritage. Hawaii isn’t considered a hotbed of great food, but Kapur is a great chef, and using his Northern California sensibility, he’s created a playful restaurant with serious intent.

Park Tavern


North Beach is a great neighborhood, and this 3-year old restaurant, in the space that for many years was Moose’s, captures its spirit. It has a classic bar-and-grill feel, with an open kitchen, an active bar that turns out great cocktails, and large windows overlooking Washington Square Park

Zuni Café


Those who want to know what California cuisine is all about need look no further than Zuni. The restaurant captures the spirit of San Francisco in its decor, food and diverse patrons. It was one of the first places to blend industrial — raw brick walls and metal construction beams — and refined — a copper-topped bar and a grand piano decked out with a 6-foot flower arrangement. The Caesar salad, hamburger, and mile-high stack of shoestring fries are legendary. In fact, there are too many must-order specialties to list. Zuni continues to be as fresh today as when it opened in 1979.

Source: sfchronicle.com

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