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Inspirations to your Bedside

Bedside Beauty

Your sleep space is crucial, but just as much as you want a magical place to lay your head, the place beside you ought to boom with style too. We’re answering the “what’s on your nightstand” question with some fresh, fun ideas on how to fancy up your bedside. Think trunks as nightstands, statues resting beside you, fresh flowers, and even a Chanel-inspired bedside. So rest easy and transform your bedside into the stuff dreams are made of.

Nightlife Scene

Inspirations to your Bedside1

Create a bedside space that’s one part bright and exciting and one part Eastern travel. Go bold with an orange lacquered nightstand and dress it up with juxtaposing elements like a white pagoda-shaped lamp with a black shade. Statues are an ideal addition as well. And to tone down some of the rich color, go for a beautiful tufted turquoise headboard.

French Toast

Inspirations to your Bedside2


When you thought your love for Coco couldn’t get any deeper, you stumble upon a Chanel parfum drum that acts as the perfect bedside table. The bold black table, with its delicate white writing, works best against neon bedside lamps. And keep what’s on top simple and chic, an image of your best person and the book that has your attention right now. Toss in some bold photography and it’s a fashion lover’s dream.

Square Root

Inspirations to your Bedside3

Things that are all the rage? Marble and copper. Make those a part of your nightstand tale. Take the look a little further with eye-popping wooden and neon candleholders, a few good reads, and a succulent plant. Do the math, like the product.


Message Machine

Inspirations to your Bedside4

A large art piece can work wonders for a bedroom, particularly those with a message. Play up your bedroom art with a bedside that takes the backseat but still gets the job done. A modern (and understated) table is ideal against charcoal and white brick walls. Keep the lighting sexy and modern and the tabletop clear of clutter. Just a bloom and a reminder of love. The signs are everywhere, you just have to decorate with them.

Simply Put

Inspirations to your Bedside5

You can say a whole lot about your style without doing too much. Lucite nightstands (with gold accents) are the way to go. Opt for a double-decker so you have more space to house stylish storage boxes, books, perfumes, and oils. For a bedside lamp, go classic with a ceramic floral number. And don’t forget a fresh flower and a photo of your favorite person. It’s that simple.

Bedtime Story

Inspirations to your Bedside6

Don’t limit yourself to one table when you can have two. Go for a stacked nightstand and pile books on top of it. Pull out your favorite nighttime reads (especially those with great color) and start styling.


Add pretty, modern art pieces in pinks, an antiqued female statue, perhaps a pink resin vase, and a few agate picks for depth. The story you’re telling will have you living happily ever after.

Trunk Space

Inspirations to your Bedside7

Trunks are great for storing old favorites and memories like blankets, sweaters, you name it. But they’re also a grand nightstand. A super chic way to go, a black trunk can add a little vintage flare to your bedside without overdoing it. Stack a few books and ornate storage boxes on top, a simple reading lamp, and maybe even a clock. This minimalist move is hip and some black and white photography over the trunk is a must.

Source: californiahomedesign.com

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