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Kitchen Design Ideas 2015

A modern kitchen interior design doesn’t have to be made necessarily by a famous top interior designer, you can just make it yourself if you have the big picture in your head and if you have a few good kitchen design ideas from which to draw your inspiration.

In this article we are illustrating various kitchen interior design styles, something for everyone, some of them simple and some of them luxurious. I hope this gallery will help you design the kitchen you wanted, the kind of kitchen that you usually see in an interior design magazine.

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At Home Stratosphere you may find red and bright style kitchen designs – you either like them or don’t. Decide and let me know!

Kitchen Design Ideas 20151

Custom modern kitchen with red walls, white cabinets, black and white floor and stainless steel appliances

Kitchen Design Ideas 20152

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Our choice of kitchen style, colour and materials can be very personal, but, alongside budget, will be influenced by the type of home we live in (country cottage, Victorian or Georgian townhouse, modern flat, 1930s semi). Think about what would best suit your own home. This isn’t necessarily an interior design style that reflects the period of your house, but can be a conscious decision to do something very different – many owners of period properties choose no-holds-barred modern kitchens. Most people will go for one of three broad styles: traditional, modern or country and most kitchen manufacturers design their ranges of kitchen cabinetry accordingly. Within each of these core styles there are, of course, all sorts of permutations to make decisions around – fitted, freestanding, Shaker, rustic, painted, hi-gloss, retro.

Kitchen Design Ideas 20154

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However as kitchens are expensive rooms to fit, remember that whatever style you choose needs to last far longer than the looks you might choose for other rooms in the house. Go for a broader look, rather than something that might be considered a narrower, more passing interiors trend. For example, rather than the recent trends for monochrome, black or colourful designs, there may be more kitchen mileage in classic looks such as white, wood finish, and the traditional muted paint shades of blue, green or grey.

Kitchen Design Ideas 20155

Whatever style you choose, it will inform the materials you use throughout the kitchen. If you go for a country-style kitchen chances are you will have painted units, a ceramic butler sink, oak worktops, stone or brick flooring, a butcher’s block and range cooker. Essentials for a modern kitchen would probably include handle-less gloss units, stainless-steel sink and appliances, composite worktops and marble flooring. So the style you choose will, to a large extent, determine the choices you make around the colours and materials that will constitute your dream kitchen.

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Perfect Imperfection

Kitchen Design Ideas 20156

Looking at the entire kitchen for 2015, we may indeed see​ cabinetry with sleek surfaces and design but it will be juxtaposed with rich texture. That texture may show up anywhere in the kitchen such as flooring, backsplash, hardware, lighting which reflects the popularity of personal expression. Few rules are followed here. The perceived imperfection in textured materials are remarkably consistent for a look that flows visually.

Oversized Yet Invisible

Kitchen Design Ideas 20157

As the kitchen becomes kissing cousins with surrounding rooms, large scale design elements are moving into the kitchen. Oversized lighting fixtures continue as a trend. A single wall is featured with a strong or dark color, creating a sense of place and giving a natural dimension to the space. ​Extended tables are everywhere. ​Wall-sized printed murals of a photograph, a personal design element, adds emotion to this mostly utilitarian space. Windows and kitchen islands continue to be large in size, a response to a seamless visual connection and social needs of the open floorplan.

One of the most popular rooms to renovate in a home is the kitchen.  For good reason too – beautiful and functional kitchens increase resale value.Plus, the kitchen these days is often the heart of the home (especially with the popularity of open concept) which means a stunning kitchen design makes for a stunning home. Renovate your kitchen and create an ideal interior at your house!


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